SMGT 622 – Mentoring Assignment

Mentoring Assignment Instructions


Elmore (2009) describes mentoring as relational experience through which one person empowers another by sharing their wisdom and resources (p. 2). Mentoring is an important part of what you will do as a coach or athletic administrator. It is through meaningful, interpersonal relationships that you are able to significantly impact those under your leadership.


Utilizing the chapter titles from this module Learn section to guide your writing, reflect on the following questions:

Who are life giving mentors? Why?

Why is mentoring necessary?

Who should be my target? Why?

Include ways that your thinking on these topics has been confirmed, and/or the ways your thinking has been challenged following the Learn section for this module. You must also include discussion about the holistic rolde of the athlete from a biblical worldview.

Your Mentoring Assignment must be completed based on the following criteria:

At least 4 pages

Current APA format

Since this is a reflection paper, no references are required. However, you are expected to properly cite information using current APA format where appropriate; and

Clear biblical integration  do more than list a Bible verse.

Include a title on the top line of the first page, followed by your name. No other identifying information is needed.

You must include the reference information for each source in current APA format on a separate page.