Social anxiety

I am searching for a professional with substantial knowledge and experience in tackling social anxiety. Specifically, my areas of challenge are public speaking, initiating conversations, and fear of social situations. • Areas to Address: -can not talk to strangers -afraid of social interactions -embarrassment for their self and non existent confidence -thoughts of suicide if a conversation does not go well -low social engagement -Shyness at childhood > turned into mental disorder when adults -automatic symptoms of anxiety -feeling judged by even their closest friends > feeling even more anxious -feeling anxious when someone comes to visit them, they rather cancel -people around them don’t understand social anxiety and think you are being ridiculous -hard to talk to somebody -therapy requires social interaction -Fear of loosing friends by expressing feelings -fear of losing family by expressing love -they are staring at me ! they are laughing at me ! -it is ruining their life , stops them from living -afraid of talking with class mates because they will judge for whatever they say or do -shakes and sweats by the fear of being judged -feeling judges and embarrassed while on street, avoiding exercise on street. -feeling embarrassed around people -hearing people laughing makes them nervous -heart rate increasing and heavily breathing -can not order food over the phone or go to the grocery shop, -comparing their self to others -tens in social situations -what if my answer is wrong and people will judge me ? -Overthinking -what ever I do I end up felling worthless. -my body is paralysed when close to people because I’m scared -scared of online meetings , covering the camera even if its turned off -staying at home -being avoidant -anxious overthinker -anxiety triggers depression and OCD -feeling not good enough. This could be because of a traumatic experience of bullying, physical abuse. -feeling helpless -Chemical imbalances in the brain may play a role in the development of social anxiety -Feeling terrified -Social anxiety – well, fear as a whole is a basic concept hardwired in your brain. -It is like living with a self punishment system in your head which constantly beats you up -fighting with your own brain and thoughts every single day -Or they may have abusive/hurtful parents or home situations which make them feel inferior or less able to -join in with others. The ideal solution should aim at the following: • Confidence Building: Cultivate my confidence so I can confront and manage my fears effectively. • Providing Coping Mechanisms: Equip me with the skills to manage my anxiety when I encounter the fears. • Improving Social Skills: Improve my skills to naturally fit in social engagements. give solutions or strategies how to overcome social anxiety, provide solutions and value t the reader I am open to the following approaches: • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Help me change my thinking patterns to manage my anxiety. • Exposure Therapy: Gradually expose me to the situations I fear to lessen the anxiety associated with them. • Mindfulness Techniques: Teach me how to be present and engage fully in the current moment without being affected by my social anxieties. •successfully speak with a stranger •More confidence •more social engagement •Less thought of judgement by people •feeling less anxious when receiving guests •people around them should understand social anxiety •easy to talk to somebody •be able to attend therapy and engage with the therapyst •be able to express their love and feelings to their family and friends without the fear of loosing them or •without negative thoughts •less fear of being judged, stared •no feelings of being embarased and judged while on street •have a regular conversation without their heart rate increasing •Order some food on the phone , go to the grocery store , Speak up in family gatherings , not lock myself up in my room forever •no comparisons with others •practise socialising, •less overthinking •make friends •Go more often out •learn to cope with how they feel •overcome social anxiety Ideal freelancers for this project should have experience in Anxiety, Social Anxiety, psychotherapy, specifically Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, and mindfulness techniques. Solid experience in dealing with social anxiety cases, excellent communication skills, and a background in psychology will be a huge advantage. Please share your action plan and your proposed timeline to overcome Social Anxiety.