Social Distancing Monitor

During the Covid-19 pandemic (originated from Wuhan, China); it has been globally prescribed to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between any two people.
After some observations, it can be concluded that maintaining social distancing constantly for days, weeks and month is not practical. One time or another, Distancing will be (un)intentionally breached.
Also it is not practical to quickly make the social distancing, a habit (habits develop over a long period of time).
An optimal solution is required which could alert the user whenever his social distancing is breached. Now, as a post pandemic time, universities are open and it is crucial to monitor social distancing as per the reduced distance rules.

For monitoring social distancing to a somewhat accurate level, GPS technology can be used.
GPS will be actively monitoring a person and if any other person comes closer (breaching the social distancing), GPS will raise an alert to both of those persons.
Such a trivial solution can be very useful and extension of this solution can include health status of people too, this will further make this application more useful as now people will be alerted if a Covid Positive person or Ex-Covid Positive person is moving around.
Note – Application is primary meant to be for android users (can later be extended for other platforms too)

Development Requirement
1. Android Smartphone
2. Java
3. Google/GPS API (distance/coordinates)
4. Android Development Kit
5. Several Dummy Users (for testing)

1. The application will constantly update the live GPS location of a person.
2. When 2 or more users of the application come closer, the distance will be mathematically calculated between locations of those people and those who are breaching the social distancing will be alerted by the app.
3. With the health status extension, a Covid Positive person can be made distinguishable in map so that people can be assured that they are not in touch of any Covid-Positive person.
4. Application should run actively, uninterrupted until it is closed; it will be prescribed to turn the application on before leaving home.

1. Privacy is a concern here.
2. Active location update of users can serve other purpose too.
3. Distinguishable markings of Covid-Positive person might violate his rights.
4. App will be running continuously once activated, so it might drain battery a little faster.
5. GPS accuracy has to be optimally precise.