Social Media

Prepare your Initial Post

Role Play the “Customer”

  • Choose a company of your choice and pretend you are a customer (or hopeful future employee) for this company.
  • As a customer/future employee, you have a question and/or complaint for the company – what is it?
  • What social media channel (owned by your chosen company) are you going to post your comment?

 Share your Customer Post to the Discussion Board Below

Respond to this discussion board with the following 3 items listed in the following order:

  1. Company you are writing to (include a hyperlink for reference)
  2. Social Media Channel of the company you are writing on (include a hyperlink for reference)
  3. What you post to the company; Format your post using a social media post generator and save it as an image that you will embed into the discussion board (there are several free options available online), for example: