Society’s Tech Impact on Relationships Dissertation

I am in need of a freelancer experienced in psychology with a strong awareness of societal disparities, particularly regarding technology’s influence on relationships. My 7000-word dissertation topic is he Commodification of Intimacy: How Does Capitalism Influence the Commercialization of Relationships Through Technology?” This question delves into the ways in which capitalist systems commodify intimacy and exploit personal relationships for economic gain, particularly through the proliferation of digital platforms and services. Key components should include but are not limited to: (mock essay structure) Introduction Introduction to the topic and its significance Definition of key terms (commodification, intimacy, capitalism) Explanation of the relationship between capitalism, technology, and intimacy commodification Thesis statement outlining the main arguments Capitalism and Intimacy Commodification Overview of capitalism’s influence on interpersonal relationships Discussion of commodification processes and their application to intimate relationships Analysis of how capitalist values shape societal perceptions of intimacy and personal connections Technology as a Facilitator of Intimacy Commodification Examination of digital platforms and services that commodify intimacy (e.g., dating apps, social media) Exploration of how technology mediates intimate interactions and exchanges Case studies or examples illustrating the commercialization of relationships through technology Impact on Personal Relationships Discussion of the effects of intimacy commodification on individuals and their relationships Analysis of how commercialization influences relationship dynamics, trust, and authenticity Examination of challenges and tensions arising from the intersection of capitalism, technology, and intimacy Ethical and Moral Considerations Exploration of ethical dilemmas surrounding the commodification of intimacy Examination of issues such as privacy, consent, and exploitation in commercialized relationships Discussion of societal norms and values regarding intimacy commodification and capitalist exploitation Resistance and Alternatives Analysis of resistance movements and critiques of capitalist exploitation in relationships Exploration of alternative models of intimacy and connection that challenge commodification Discussion of strategies for promoting ethical and equitable relationships in the digital age Conclusion Summary of key points and arguments presented in the essay Reflection on the implications of intimacy commodification for society, individuals, and relationships Suggestions for future research and actions to address the challenges posed by capitalist influence on intimacy References List of cited works in Harvard Proper citation of sources used throughout the essay A candidate with academic writing skills, a grasp of psychological principles, and an eagerness to explore uncharted territories in psychology would be the perfect fit for this project.