Sociology Questions

ANSWER BOTH A and B (Both)

Question A: It appears that local television media outlets have become so desperate for ratings, and the high revenue that follows, they sensationalize issues (e.g., Are restaurants trying to kill you  tune in at 5:30 and we will let you know, Will one of the neighborhood kids break in and rob you  tune in at 6:00 and we will tell you how to defend yourself) to make you believe that they have the answer to solving these emanate threats to your life. Is this appropriate news broadcasting?

Question B:

Is the media truly doing its job when important stories go unexamined, unreported or are marginalized? For example, before the start of the Iraq war, the Bush Administration was seldom questioned about their intelligence and abilities to prove Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Discuss how such emissions can affect a society such as the U.S.