Sociology Research

Topic:- Role of women in advertisement

Pages:- 6 to 8 Pages (double spaced)

12 font size, times new roman

Citation style :- MLA STYLE

Research papers will be graded based on the following criteria:


Sources are relevant to the topic and appropriate for study

Topic is researched and described in sufficient depth

Effective synthesis, making logical connections between resources and social issues

Minimum of five references that may come from any source, both academic (i.e. peer-

reviewed books and journal articles) or non-academic resources are welcome (i.e. documentaries, blogs, participatory culture, etc)


Clearly defined focus and arguments

Fully explore important aspects of the topic in sufficient depth and detail

Comprehension of research, explained fully, clearly, and accurately

Reasoned arguments supported with evidence and analysis

Application of readings to media

Recognition of broader implications of social issues

Depth of analysis



Well-organized, with logical and systematic connections

Written clearly and comprehensible; convey coherent and intended meanings

Grammar, accurate and effective sentence structure

Vocabulary, appropriate for postsecondary level

Academic tone (avoids slang, etc)

Effective use of quotations and references

Personal opinion, I statements and subjectivity are welcome, (backed up evidence-

based knowledge)

Formal referencing is required. You are welcome to use any formatting style, as long as

it is consistent.