Sports Facilities Manager

The job of a sport facility manager is a busy one with many responsibilities.

Then, you will develop 10 questions to ask in the interview with your chosen sport facility manager. These questions should help you to determine the basic principles that are necessary for sports facility management.

Write a two-page paper sharing information about the facility, the learning goals of the interview, and the 10 questions you have developed for the interview.

This assignment will be completed in two parts. The interview does not have to be conducted to complete Part I of this assignment. For this assignment (Part I), you will only locate the manager, determine what you want to learn from the interview, and write the questions. You will complete the interview before the end of Unit II and write about the results of the interview in Unit II.

Steps for completing the assignment are as follows:

  1. Use your textbook and the Internet to identify the needed competencies and basic principles for the job of sport facility manager.
  2. Choose a practicing sport facility manager to interview. Contact the facility manager to schedule a date and time to meet for your interview.
    1. The interview can be conducted in person, by phone, by email, or via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangout, or another video chat service.
  3. Develop 10 questions to ask in an interview with a sport facility manager. Focus your questions to help you understand more about what the facility managers job is like (e.g., What do you spend most of your time doing?). When developing the questions, remember the purpose of the interview is to learn about principles related to sports facility management.
  4. Write the paper. Include in the content:
    1. information about the sport facility,
    2. what you hope to learn from the interview (learning goals), and
    3. the 10 questions you will ask the facility manager.
  5. Submit your paper according to the information provided below.

Paper requirements are as follows:

Write a minimum of two double-spaced pages.

  • Address the topic of the paper using critical thought. The required information listed above should clearly stand out and be unambiguous. Otherwise, it will be determined to be missing.
  • Ensure that all parts of your paper are formatted according to the APA style as detailed in the approved APA manual.
  • Include a title page that includes:
    • title of paper,
    • your name, and
    • university name.
  • Include an introductory section at the start of your paper.
  • Include the following first-level headings:
    • Description of the Sport Facility and its Manager
    • Learning Goals
    • Questions for an Interview with [Sport Facility Manager]
    • Conclusion
  • References are not required for this assignment; however, include a reference page as the final page of your paper if references were used. Ensure that this page is completed and formatted according to the correct APA style.
  • Avoid the serious consequence of plagiarism by using your own words, and include citations for sources you used.
  • As with all discussion board responses and assignments, non-scholarly sources such as Wikipedia and may not be cited in your work.