Statistics : Range by use of Thumb Range Rule

For any distribution, there are an equal number of values above and below the mean. Do you agree?

Coefficient of variation CV = SD /mean *100

= 10/40*100 = 25%

Range by use of Thumb Range Rule = 4*SD =4*10=40
Can you explain these numbers?  What do they mean?

According to the Empirical rule, about 95% of the observations lie within plus and minus 2.00 standard deviations – do you agree? If yes, can you find this range of values using the given metrics?

Correlation is the statistical relationship between two variables and can be expressed differently, such as in graphs.  What do you mean by this statement?  How will you interpret the correlation coefficient -0.854? Is it a strong correlation?

Please include references.  Also make sure your responses are detailed and substantive.