Read the Evaluating the Quality of Open Source Software article (Spinellis, et al., 2009). What are the strengths and weaknesses of this particular study? (For example, does the study do an adequate job of collecting and analyzing representative samples?)

What would you suggest that the authors do to remedy those weaknesses and why? Use both your text and the article An Introduction to Research Design (Ganster, 2003). You may also draw on any book, article, website, or other reliable resource in answering this question.

Ganster, D. (2003). An introduction to research design. Data Analysis and Interpretation course notes.

Spinellis, D., Gousios, G., Karakoidas, V., Louridas, P., Adams, P. J., Samoladas, I., & Stamelos, I. (2009). Evaluating the quality of open source software. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 233, 52 8.