Supply Chain

Who best in class, whos worst in class???? (No, not like that!)

Length and format: 800 words


Functioning with the ability to offer your customers true value in a global supply chain is daunting at best. Some companies embrace the opportunities, some shy away, or believe thereâs no real reason to change the way they currently do business. This week youre going to be able to comment on both types of businesses.

Go to the, where you will then meet a link titled Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Maturity Models for Both Sides of the Retail Vendor Compliance Equation: Here you will find two graphics that depict what best in class companies strive to achieve with their customers, as well as those companies functioning at a lesser level of performance. First read through the article and understand the graphics.

For your assignment this week, select two companies; one that exemplifies the best in class attributes, and one that does not. Compare and contrast the difference between the two based on the information in the article, and please, feel free to enhance your inputs through the use of any other on-line source! I encourage it! Just ensure you cite the work and remember the cited portions do not count to the total word count of the assignment.