Read the Sweets Candy Company Case and answer questions 1 & 2.

Sweets Candy Company Case.pdf


Question 1: Use a process theory of motivation (Expectancy Theory, Equity Theory or Goal Setting Theory) to solve the motivation problem at Sweets Candy Co.(15 points)

Note:  Be sure to include the theory’s terms and apply them to the case.  It needs to be clear in your answer that you

can apply the theory correctly.

Question 2: Explain how 1.) rewards and 2.) job design could help solve the problems at Sweets Candy Co. (10 points)

Karen Carlin Case

Read the Karen Carlin Case and answer questions 3 & 4.

Karen Carlin Case.pdf


Question 3: For each of the 5 stages of group development, give examples of what happened in the schedule typists’ group after Karen arrived. (15 points)

Question 4: What bases of power does Karen have after her promotion? Which bases of power should she use to lead Pauline, Pat, and Myra? Explain. (10 points)