SWK 630

I’m in need of a targeted exploration of how satisfied are children the McKinney Veto Act’s services provided at their school. The McKinney Veto Act’s services impact on school students and families within the realm of social work. This project needs to be completed ASAP. My Research Question How satisfied are children with services under the McKinney Veto Act at their school? Key expectations include: Please read and complete the following, based upon class discussions, assigned readings and reputable resources program evaluation. You will be developing a program evaluation plan based upon your work in your field placement setting. Your plan may be a formative or process evaluation, or combination of formative and process evaluation. You are not expected to collect the information you are discussing. Your work should reflect a basic understanding of (1) selecting questions for research purposes, (2) making sure your measurements are clearly linked to your research question (3) approaches used to collect data (4) the challenges in data collection and (5) the importance of disseminating the results of assessments. This assignment is worth 150 points. Grading for each section is indicated. You can use this form to complete your project. Your answers must be addressed in FULL – Comprehensive analysis of McKinney Veto Act’s implications on school students and families – Discuss the policies in depth and its alignment with social work principles – The paper should provide a thorough focus on the intersections of the Act prevention, intervention, and support strategies – The findings should then culminate in a clear, succinct conclusion that provides insights into potential future practices.


Graduate Social Work Program