System analysis assignment

*System Analysis Project Requirements*


*Project Introduction:*


The System Analysis Project is a critical component of the curriculum designed to provide students with practical experience in analyzing, documenting, and designing a system in a real-world context. This project will challenge students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world issues, encouraging the development of key analytical and technical skills necessary for a successful career in technology and business analysis.


*Choosing a Topic:*


Students are free to choose a system analysis project topic that interests them, provided it is complex enough to demonstrate their analytical and problemsolving abilities. The chosen system can be an existing business process, a software application, an information system, or any other complex system that requires thorough analysis and offers room for improvement.


*Project Requirements:*


1. *Project Proposal (5% of total grade):*


– A brief description of the chosen system/topic.


– The objectives and scope of the analysis.


– The primary stakeholders of the system.


– The problems or deficits the project seeks to address.


2. *System Documentation (20% of total grade):*


– A comprehensive description of the current system.


– Visual diagrams to illustrate system dynamics (e.g., data flow diagrams, ERD, etc.).


– A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the current system.


3. *Stakeholder Analysis (10% of total grade):*


– Identification of all stakeholders related to the system.


– An assessment of stakeholder needs and priorities.


– Examination of stakeholder impact on the system.


4. *Requirements Specification (20% of total grade):*


– A detailed list of system requirements (functional and non-functional).


– Prioritization of requirements based on stakeholder needs and resource constraints.


5. *System Design (15% of total grade):*


– A proposed design for an improved system. “Prototyping”


– Design diagrams showing the new or modified system structure and processes.


– Justification for design choices including technologies and methodologies selected for the development.


6. *Implementation Plan (10% of total grade):*


– A step-by-step plan for implementing the new system design.


– Resource allocation (time, budget, personnel).


– Risk assessment with mitigation strategies.


7. *Evaluation (5% of total grade):*


– A set of criteria for evaluating the success of the system postimplementation.


– Methods for gathering user feedback and performance data.


8. *Presentation and Report (15% of total grade):*


– A formal presentation to the class outlining the project.


– A final report that details everything from the proposal to the evaluation plan.




– Project proposal


– Documentation of the current system


– Stakeholder analysis report


– Requirements specification document


– System design details


– Implementation plan


– Evaluation framework


– Final report and presentation


System Analysis Project Requirements