New Chefs Kitchen Review


New Chefs Kitchen Review

The following Course Outcome is assessed in this assignment.

TH213-2: Determine required sanitary and safety procedures in food and beverage operations.

In a university dining hall and based on FDA, OSHA, and HACCP standards, address the concerns the new chef has when viewing current operations at the dining hall.

Scenario: As the Chef enters the restaurant kitchen she sees the following situation: One preparation person with long hair is grabbing several heads of lettuce from the refrigerator and placing them on a cutting board immediately after the chicken prep person has finished deboning the chicken breasts for lunch. The chicken preparation person throws the knife into a bin of cutlery sitting in tepid soapy water. Then the oven doors are all open on one end of the kitchen while the baker goes to the pantry. There are unlabeled and uncapped drink mixes for the bar located on the shelf with the milk in the refrigerator. A vendor has just left several crates of eggs at the back door and no one seems to be aware of this. An abandoned prep station has an open carton of cream sitting near the burners where someone was obviously sautéing something, but has left the station and there seems to be an open can of oil sitting on top of the ignited burners.

The chef is immediately alarmed and starts to make notes while moving rapidly towards the most urgent issues to prevent anyone from getting hurt.


  • Determine the sanitary and safety risks. Explain why.
  • Identify the agency or standards that have been neglected in the scenario.
  • As the chef, explain what steps you would take to correct this situation in the restaurant kitchen.

Submit your 500-word minimum assignment in a Word® document with correct spelling and grammar using current APA format (see the Unit 1 reading area for APA assistance.)