Task 1 Create an analytical class diagram for the following system

Tutorial 13 Revision

Video game high school

Video game high school or VGHS is starting its upcoming new semester and requires a system to keep track of all the school management.


  1. Students enrolled in the high school all have a name, age, gametag, ranking score and a rank based on their score compared to the other students. Students can enroll in different departments where they enroll in specialized classes. A student must belong to one department per semester but can choose to change it if they wish.
  2. There are various departments in VGHS each with specific information about the students enrolled in each of the departments that must be remembered. The First person shooter department (FPS) requires information regarding the students specialized weapon, role, and whether they are placed on the JV or varsity team. Each student of FPS must be part of a team, the team is either defined as JV or Varsity and has a list of all the upcoming matches that they will be playing during the semester. A team has a teacher representing as their coach and one student playing the role of captain. A team has to have a total of 6 members to compete.
  3. The Racing department is split into two types, Drift and Kart racing, each student has a list of cars they obtained during their semester. One of the students represents the role of the duchess/King of their department and information on which student is assigned that role must be remembered (The drift and kart departments are represented by only one student(king or duchess) each)
  4. Information about the other departments currently available in the highschool program will be provided in the future.
  5. Students can live in the dormitory buildings of the highschool. Each dormitory has a name, the building location in which the dormitory is placed and has a limit on the capacity of students that can live in a given dormitory building. Each dormitory has one student living in it that is responsible for managing the students and addressing any of their concerns. Students with that role are called Resident assistants (RA). Based on the building used, a dormitory can be composed of sub dormitories each holding the same capacity of students in them and occupy a maximum of 2 floors in the building.
  6. VGHS is the home of all sorts of video game related subjects, such as video game history, fundamentals of gaming, games 101 and many others, that students can enroll in. Each subject has a name, subject description, material used in this subject, game used in the subject (if it is a subject that requires them to play a specific game) A total number of classes given, and a subject code. Certain subjects can only be attended by students of a given department (e,g FPS 101, Fighting game stat analysis, etc) information on if a subject is specialized or an elective must be remembered. Students enrolled in a given subject can retrieve the information about the subject through the subject code.
  7. In VGHS the subject exist based on the teacher giving them, the subject are taught by only one teacher and can only be taught by this teacher. Information about teachers, name, career history, and the specialized genre they teach.
  8. A Teacher begins the process of creating a new subject by creating a new subject documentation, they then proceed to enter all the information about the subject including the material they want to add if they already have it prepared. once that is complete they have the option to add students who have already completed the enrollment requirements for this subject offline (certain subjects would be announced in orientation before being added to the system and students can enroll in person by signing their name). Once everything is complete the teachers can begin the process of printing the subject information.
  9. Students in VGHS are in endanger of expulsion if there score decreases below a the a specific threshold. Those students are considered in the danger zone. A student is in the danger zone if they ranking score is below 2000 and get expelled from the school if their score goes below 500. These values are based on the highschool regulations and are subject to change. If a student is in the danger zone they have a new set of tasks that they must complete to increase their score back to the normal zone. If a student is the normal zone, they can earn bonus points for all the extra work they completed. a list of any additional work they completed should also be tracked (if they are in the danger zone those points are rest and their status changes from normal zone students to danger zone students)
  10. The system allows the students and teachers to do the following :
    1. Look up information about a subject (used by the student)
    2. Move students to the danger zone (Every day)
    3. Retrieve the highest ranking student and their score (used by the teacher)
    4. Create a new subject (used by the teacher)
    5. Print information of subject (used by the teacher)


TASK 2 :

Create a use case diagram for the following system


Task 3:

Create an activity diagram for the create subject use case