Task 5

1) Click on the BLUE sentence above “Activity #5 Exercise & Movement Video Folder”. View as many videos as you would like from the Exercise Movement video library.

2) Choose 3 Exercises as specified below:

  • Choose one exercise from Section A: Corrective & Restorative Exercises, and
  • Choose two exercises of your choice from any exercise options in Sections (A, B, C or D)  that you think you would realistically continue to practice. Be sure to scroll down as there are between 4-17 exercises per category.

3) Three (3) paragraphs/one paragraph for each exercise: Write and submit a minimum of three paragraphs using at least 150-200 words for EACH paragraph as a Word Document (not in pages). Describe your exercise choices and why they are a good fit for your body, workout schedule, personal fitness goals, and/or lifestyle.