Teaching Database Basics Presentation

Put yourself in the position of a clinician coming to an information technology session. You are asked to present information about the basics of relational database design. Specifically, you are asked to communicate the similarities and differences between the terms entity, table, field, and record as they relate to DBMS systems.

Your audience is clinicians who do not necessarily understand these four fundamental database concepts. Using examples from the health field, create a PowerPoint presentation explaining each of these four concepts for a non-technical audience. Also, explain how these detailed concepts relate to the value of a business intelligence applications such as a data warehouse in a health care setting.

Detailed speaker notes should be used to explain each textual and graphic slide in detail.

In your presentation,

· Articulate the meaning of the term entity relating examples to the types of entities that we might see in a health-related database.

· Discuss the difference between a field and a record in a relational database.

· Articulate the purpose of data tables in relational database design.

· Compose examples of how these concepts might relate to developing a comprehensive data warehouse in a health setting.

The Teaching Database Basics presentation

· Must be six to eight slides in length (not including title and references slides) and formatted according to APA Style 

· Must include a separate title slide with the following:

o Title of presentation

o Students name

o Course name and number

o Instructor name

o Date submitted

2 scholarly references must be included