Team Discussion #7

write a one-page response (double-spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman, 1-inch margins). Please do not copy/paste the prompt into your response; indicate the prompt  number at the beginning of each response. Make sure to support your analyses with 2 direct citations from the texts.

question a: Discuss Bergson notion of the open society and how it relates to his concept of “dynamic religion. Make sure to also consider his thoughts on “open morality. ( use text named the two sources of morality and religion)

question c: How does Bonhoeffer vision of a religionless Christianity respond to Feuerbach theism in The Essence of Christianity? In answering the prompt,

consider how both thinkers imagine the place of religion, specifically Christianity, in modern society. (use two texts named letters and papers from prison + the essence of Christianity)

question d: Analyze the appearance of  one or Nothing in one of Celan poems in the context of apophatic theology and/or mysticism. You may also want to consider the historical and political circumstances to which Celan poem responds. (use text named selected poems and prose from paul celan)