Technological- Advancement

 Your final class paper should cover TWO of the topics below (Technological Advancements). Your paper should review/discuss two of the technological advancements listed below.

Technological Advancements with ethical concerns.- (pick any two and work on it )

  1. Disappearing Drones
  2. Artificial wombs
  3. Bone conduction
  4. Whole genome diagnosis
  5. Talking Barbie

Your paper should be between five pages, double-spaced. Your paper should be written in proper English using Arial 11 font. Please upload your paper as a Microsoft WORD document. DO NOT UPLOAD A PDF. All papers will be checked for plagiarism.

Your paper should:

  • Provide background explaining the technologies you decide to talk about. Basically, what are they, what do they do, etc.
  • Explain how you feel about the technologies. Do you agree with them or do you think they are pushing ethical boundaries?
  • Explain the ethical problems that could occur because of their use or from their development.