The Boy In The Striped Pajamas Read Chapters 10-12- Pp 104-133 ( Week 33)

Read Chapters 10 – 12  and make entries in your Reading Journal including your thoughts and reflections.

This lesson connects to FLVS because in Module 5.05, students learn how specific sentences or pieces of dialogue propel a character or drive the plot. In this lesson, students will apply that knowledge as they examine how specific pieces of textual evidence reveal knowledge of characters.

  • Copy the chart below in a word document or create one that is similar:




How this passage reveals new information about the character

  • Read over the section, chapters 10 to 12.
  • Fill out the chart.
  • Select passages that you believe reveals information about a character. Identify page and paragraph of the passage so it is easy to share.
  • Specify which character, and explain how this passage reveals new aspects of the character or moves the story.
  • Pick out at least three passages.
  • Submit your assignment for grading.