The Coffee Company Database Analysis Project

Project Summary: The Coffee Company Database Analysis Project comprises three main tables;
A Customer List (Companys Table); An Orders List; Products List (Coffees). I”ve created the Relationships for all three tables. Ive included a number of Quires in an Excel format. You will not be required to doing anything else to the Database other than analyze the data and complete the listed tasks below. This is a test of your abilities as an Analyst. Your Rep[ort will be presented to Senior management to help them make a business decision.

There are Excel Worksheets you can use to analyze the companys business actions.

Project requirements:

1.  Analyze the results (findings) from the Excel Queries and tables. You will need to include the Excel Tables and Quires in your Report.

2.  You will need to make a number of business decisions based on your findings. Apply the appropriate PESTeL, Geographic Factors, SWOT factors if necessary that may affect your findings.

3.  Clearly identify and describe how you would address each point when you apply your analysis.

4.  The format of your report will be similar to the previous case studies: Cover page, Table of Contents, and ALL the requirements in your Final Report.

5.  Review How to Build a Case Study Format on eLearn, Your Personal Reflections, etc. Review the Files on eLearn.

6.  You are required to provide a Personal Reflection Report. (See the Reflection Report Guidelines).

7.  You must upload a softcopy of your analysis to eLearn.

8.  This is not a group project.

9.  I must remind you NOT to copy or provide a copy of your Report to another student.