The Democrats intentionally walked out on a decision that would restrict voting in the state of Texas

The Democrats intentionally walked out on a decision that would restrict voting in the state of Texas. This isn’t the first time Democrats have made this move. They noticed their victory was short because the governor rescheduled the meeting to pass the bill.  Republicans saw this bill as a high priority. The agenda was shocking for the Democrats. It included a near ban on abortion and preservation of the 2ndamendment rights with no permit required for handguns. Because of the size of Texas, the conservative party is beginning to get a tighter hold on politics outside of its boarders. Some well-known Texas names serve on the republican board. The conservatives have also banned sanctuary cities, required voter ID, banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and banned transgender ability to use bathrooms of their choice. This caused a lot of attention from our country.
In our textbook says Texas is the largest state with the most diversity with a high population. Currently republicans have the control, however with a very young demographic in Texas, it is uncertain if conservatives with sustain that power. The pattern was broken in 1978 when Republican William Clements first won the governorship to the surprise of many, and again in 1986 when he won his second termâ (Champagne 6) In 2002, Republicans began to have a consistent 24 vote majority in the house.
Republicans have high confidence as they enter the primaries for 2022. They are pioneering into territory in this modern culture that isn’t as conservative as prior years. Democrats have a hard time getting their way in the state of Texas. Only the smaller, less important bills, are easy for the Democrats and Republicans to agree upon.
The textbook warns that the upcoming demographic seems like they may change the party in Texas. Their thinking is more democratic. The current Republican status of Texas may change. The article seems very confident that they will hold the current conservative values, but our textbook warns otherwise.
In another article, Lacy states that Republicans have made a path for their own downfall. Republicans created a ton of jobs for the economy of Texas, but it caused a ton of liberals to flock to the state. Texas drew in the economy with promises of grants, but this attracted the wrong crowd as well, the liberals. Texas still has low voter turn out and the large cities have the most pull which is where the liberals are located. Several liberal companies, Apple, Facebook, and Uber all plan to expand their business in the state of Texas which as a result will draw in more liberals.
There are many good points made with logical facts as to why Texas is currently republican but will eventually shift permanently to a democratic control. As logical and factual as these points are, my view goes a little deeper. God has begun to remove his hand from this country and turn its people over to their sins. People want a different way; their way, and liberals allow for that. Liberals lean in the direction of feelings of their voters and as a result are more than willing to sign in legal killing of preborn babies, transgender freedom, turning a blind eye to illegal immigration, and anything else to have control of the state. God is setting up the pieces for his return, so I do not find any of it to be surprising.


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