The Importance Of Integrated Operations Planning

Length and format: Work sheets from below, and a paper no less than 400 words in length.


The dominant theme of supply chain management is the achievement of operational integration. The benefits from operational integration are directly related to CAPTURING EFFICIENCIES BETWEEN FUNCTIONS within an enterprise as well as ACROSS ENTERPRISES in a supply chain.

Having noted this, let take a closer look at a business you”re familiar with, and come up with a plan!

Select either a business where you currently work, worked previously, or even select Post University.

  1. Make sure you identify what you are covering!
  2. Complete the inputs for the questions below based on either your work, or school. Each section is based on a different facet of the organization, so the hope is the business is covered as a whole.
  3. Then comment on the overall outlook for that business as it relates to integrated operations planning. Does it function well, or is there a need for improvement? Where is that improvement needed, and what would you do, based on this week’s readings, to effect change? Be sure to include your worksheet from below with the assignment!

Students: Be sure to read the criteria (last page), by which your assignment will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.


Grading criteria and rubric below.


Assignment Length

Professional communication

Complete addressing of questions/topics


Deduct 25 points Less than 100 words

0 points

0-4 points

Deduct 15 points 100-299 words

1-4 points

5-9 points

Deduct 10 points 300-399 words

5-9 points

10-14 points

Full credit
400 words or more

10 points

15-20 points


Grading Criteria for This Week’s Assignment



Needs Improvement



Information Sheets Included

No; Deduct 40 points

Answers are one word, no explanation; Deduct 20 points

Answers cover the questions as asked; No deduction

page5image731249920 page5image731250208 page5image731250560 page5image731250848

Assignment Complete On-Time

Assignment not accepted. Zero total score.

Deduct 20 points

Deduct 10 points

Full Credit

page5image731270192 page5image731270480 page5image731271024 page5image731271216 page5image731271792 page5image731272368 page5image731272944page5image731273520

More than two days


Two days late.

One day late.

Complete On-Time

page5image731288272 page5image731288560 page5image731288848

More than 10 grammatical, capitalization, spelling or punctuation errors.

5-9 grammatical, capitalization, spelling or punctuation errors.

1-4 grammatical, capitalization, spelling or punctuation errors.

No grammatical, capitalization, spelling or punctuation errors.

References to weekly course materials

0 points

1 point

2 points

5 points

page5image731335296 page5image731335584 page5image731335872 page5image731336160

No references made.

1 relevant reference made.

2 relevant references made.

3 or more relevant references made.

Questions are not addressed, missing many parts, irrelevant, or off- topic.

Questions somewhat addressed, but may be missing some parts.

Questions are mostly addressed, with few parts missing.

All questions are addressed.

page5image731388656 page5image731389232 page5image731389520 page5image731389808 page5image731390096 page5image731390640