Theories of personality

In the upcoming Chapter 11, students are introduced to various theories of personality.The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a personality test that was developed specifically for helping people match their personality types with their job preferences. Since its development, it has been used by many across the nation and still conrtibutes greatly to studies within the field of Psychology.

For this discussion, watch the video, “Intro to the Myers Briggs Personality Test” (, also located under the Discussion Articles/Videos link to the left of the screen and under Helpful Resources). After learning about the assessment and the different personality types introduced within the instrument, try to determine your own type (being sure to identify the four letters related to the category types that you believe best apply to you), then address the following:

–Discuss the value of using such a measure as it relates to mental health, self-improvement, career/personal development, and/or issues related to diversity.

–Discuss your own results and explain what you think they say about who you are as an individual and your own personal development?