TOK Essay Writing

What should be included in the TOK essay writing? Heard so much of TOK writing but is not aware of what actually it is? If so, then this informative piece is for you. Want to know more about the TOK essay writing, then today you will get to learn different aspects or the facets of the same, as:

  • What is an IB TOK essay?
  • How long should the TOK essay be?
  • TOK essay titles 2022 

Now, without wasting any further moment, let’s delve inside the following segments one after another. 

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IB TOK Essay

Let’s start with understanding the meaning of the TOK essay writing. Well, TOK refers to Theory of Knowledge that is evaluated with the oral presentation as well as the essay with almost 1600 words. 

Furthermore, it also asks to indicate the nature of the knowledge as well as on how we know what we affirm to know.

The Gateway International School claims that the TOK is made obligatory to all the students in IB, i.e., International Baccalaureate and DP, refers to the Diploma Program. 

But how does the oral presentation as well as the essay writing be helpful? Well, the presentation measures the power of the students to utilize the TOK thinking in the real life situation. At the same time, the essay takes more conceptual opening elements. 

Moreover, according to the IBO, the TOK essay prompts the students to:

  • Acknowledge the necessity to perform responsibly in the progressively coordinated but indefinite world.
  • Be alert of themselves as thinkers, promoting them to become more informed with the quality of the knowledge. 

Four Cs of TOK Essay Writing

There are always some instructions that have to be kept in mind to make the piece more impressive as well as catchy. 

So, if you too are looking for such parameters that act like the cherry on the cake, then without making you wait longer, let’s delve inside the following information.

There is a term saying four C’s while writing the TOK essay. Well, these four Cs are as follows:

  • Content:  You must realize and should be able to write on any knowledgeable subjects.
  • Critical thinking: You must propose adequate statements as well as counter arguments to persuade the audience in your point of view. 
  • Creativity: You must create autonomous as well as personalized ideas.
  • Clarity: You must be able to compose a well organized essay.

The Cs mentioned above will help you in establishing the perfect as well as knowledgeable TOK essay. 

Now, at this certain point, are you looking forward to knowing more about how long the TOK essay will be? Then, the following segment will help you in gaining the information on the same. 

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How Long Should The TOK Essay Be?

If your mind is revolving around knowing the minimum word count for TOK essay or the TOK essay word count, then here you are standing on the perfect segment.

Well, it is important to note that the TOK essay can vary with the word count of minimum 1200 words to 1600 words. 

Now, if you want to know how to do TOK essay or how to start your TOK essay, then the following information will help you in guiding you to write the perfect TOK essay. Apart from this, it will also help in knowing the best TOK essay example or the IB TOK essay examples

Ramallah Friends School has explained the IB TOK essay structure or the answer to how to write a TOK essay in a very precise manner. It includes the following steps:

Basically, it is important to note down the main following steps, including:

  • Pick out the prescribed title.
  • Selecting the two Areas of Knowledge, i.e., AOKs.
  • Go with the courtroom analogy.

Apart from this, here comes the TOK essay structure:

  • Writing the introduction in 100-150 words.
  • Composing the first development in around 600 words.
  • Writing another two body paragraphs, for the second AOK as well in almost 600 words.
  • Compiling every information in the conclusion in 200-250 words. 

TOK Essay Titles 2022

If you want to get an idea of different types of topics or titles that could be related to the TOK essay writing, tok essay titles 2022 explained then it is the time to shed some light on the following topics. 

So, let’s start!!

  1. Answer it with the reference of two AOKs. To what level do you hold the claim that “there is a world of difference between truth as well as facts?”
  2. Discuss with the reference to mathematics as well as the other AOK. “Can there be knowledge that is independent of culture?”
  3. Consider with reference to history as well as human sciences. “How does the human scientist as well as the historians give the knowledge meaning by telling the stories?”
  4. Debate with the reference to the natural sciences as well as the other AOK. “Is there solid justification for regarding knowledge in natural sciences more extremely than the knowledge in the other area of knowledge as well?”
  5. Discuss with the reference of two AOK. “If we reason out that there is some knowledge we should not engage on ethical grounds, how can we ascertain the limits of acceptable investigation within an area of knowledge?”
  6. Talk over with the reference to the arts along with the other area of knowledge. The Topic is “how can we recognize between the good as well as bad interpretations?”

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It is significant to note that the TOK essay writing specifies to make the students cognizant of the interpretative or informative nature of the knowledge. It is considered much that the personal ideological biases- whether these are retained, revised or else rejected.