Trulocal Canadian Company

For Trulocal canadian :

Given your identified target market, the product life cycle, and the competitive landscape shown in your positioning, Identify a minimum of 3 IMC tools in the Promotional Mix (e.g. Personal Selling, PR, Sales Promotion, Direct Response, Word of Mouth, Advertising – broadcast, print, etc.) you think would meet your Promotional objective. Provide rationale.

Overall professionalism (cover page with title, date, names, course code and section, instructor’s name, section title headings, spelling, etc.)


  • A typewritten 1-2 page e copy: See format example below.
  • The 1-2 pages include a title page that includes the assignment title, date, name of this class and section, the instructor’s name bibliography with citations.  No less than 11point font and spaced   1.5.

Your paper will be reviewed for correct spelling and grammar. Use APA format for all sources. Remember to source through your document, not just at the end.

Assignment Rubric: 

Identification   and rationale of promotional mix


0-4- Missing some/all   promotional tools


5-6- Has identified   some promotional tools without some rationale


7-8- Clearly identified   3 promotional tools and somewhat supported with rationale


9-10- Cleary   identified min 3 promotional mix tools and supported with rationale


0-2- Is missing   cover, or bibliography/citation in APA style…several spelling or grammar   errors

3- Is missing   cover, or bibliography/citation in APA style

4- Provides cover   page, bibliography, and citations APA style…has 1 or 2 spelling or grammar   errors

5- Provides cover page, bibliography, and citations APA style. Is free of spelling or grammar   errors