Using at least three agents of socialization

Assignment #2–Socialization Paper:  Using at least three agents of socialization (e.g., family, friends, school) that apply, describe how each agent socialized you to become the person that you are today.  Trace your personal socialization from birth to the present moment.

Be sure to include all of the following twenty-five terms:

  1. ascribed status
  2. achieved status
  3. role expectations
  4. role strain
  5. role conflict
  6. agents of socialization
  7. norms
  8. folkways
  9. mores
  10. values
  11. social control
  12. sanctions
  13. subculture
  14. cultural capital
  15. ethnocentrism
  16. cultural relativism
  17. sensorimotor stage
  18. preoperational stage
  19. concrete operational stage
  20. formal operational stage
  21. generalized other
  22. social class
  23. gender
  24. ethnicity
  25. deviance