Video Assignment


Research Requirement: Podcast (1 hr)Refer to the link and listen to a podcast with Dr. Jeremy Loenneke and answer the questions below that pertain to the podcast.

 Put the answers underneath the questions in red. Provide detailed answers and explanations. All answers should be in sentence and paragraph form. No bullet points. 

  Describe the academic background of Dr. Loenneke.

2.   How did Dr. Loenneke begin his area of Blood flow restriction?

3.   What is blood flow restriction? Whom does/can it be applied to? What are the benefits?

4.   What are the different “phases” Dr. Loenneke talks about with blood flow restriction?

5.   What area can have the biggest impact when incorporating blood flow restriction?

6.   What is the blood flow restriction protocol?

7.   Do individuals need specific blood flow restriction equipment?

8.   What does Dr. Jeremey Loenneke suggest on how the pressure should be applied? What factors should be considered?

9.   Besides blood flow restriction research, what is Dr. Loenneke’s current research interest?

10. What are the areas Dr. Loenneke is trying to improve on within his research studies?

 11. What advice does Dr. Loenneke provide for the listeners or anyone?