Week 4 Discussion

Purpose: As we conclude this class, take a moment to review the steps you have taken to complete this research project. Additionally, reflect on what you will apply to a possible Capstone Project here at Keiser or other future writing, whether in the professional world, graduate school, or elsewhere.

Skills: This discussion board will help you practice the following skills:

  • Reflect on the writing process
  • Apply the writing process to your future career, future academic studies, and so forth
  • Identify areas to improve your final essay


  • The Bedford Researcher – Chapters 16-18

Task: Respond to the following questions in four short paragraphs, one dedicated to each question.

  1. As we moved through this course, you were asked to complete various portions of research: proposal, outlines, annotated bibliography, and the research itself. These were designed to facilitate the process of learning about research and the steps that could/should be undertaken in order to stay organized and moving forward in the writing. Which did you find most beneficial to your progress? Overall, what surprised you the most about the research process?
  2. What do you still need to complete when it comes to your research project in this course? What feedback has been helpful, either from your instructor or your peers, in helping you identify necessary changes to make as you have moved along in this project?
  3. What type of writing type of writing do you anticipate doing in the near future? How will research be a part of that?
  4. What “conversations” in your field do you plan to continue to take part in? Why? How will you do so? For instance, someone may be going into Criminal Justice but be particularly interested in conversing about the use of technology such as body cams to improve community-police relationships.

Criteria for Success:

  • Your main post should contain 300 or more words.
  • Reply to at least two of your peers.