White Paper on Neo-Nazism

I need a professional writer who can deliver a 6-page white paper within 4 days, outlining recommendations that can be used to combat the threat posed by the Neo-Nazi movement in Australia. This paper should be directed at government officials and community organizations.

Australian governments have implemented a variety of legislative responses to extremist threats to the community over the last few years. In December 2023 the Parliament has passed the Albanese Government’s legislation that criminalises the Nazi salute and the public display of and trade in Nazi hate symbols. However it so far appears to not have had any substantive impact and the Neo Nazi movement remains publicly active across Australia. As a result a Federal Senate Committee has been established to investigate the movement and to determine if a stronger legislative response is required. The various National Security Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies have been called to present evidence to the Committee. In addition the Committee has called for public submissions from the wider stakeholder community. Task Drawing on your first and second assessments draft a position paper that outlines options for countering/responding to the threat that the Neo Nazi movement poses to the Australian community. Your paper should be informed by literature and what you have learned with regards extremist groups in the Australian community. Do not sit on the fence, argue either for the need for legislation or against the need. Ensure you use the literature to craft your argument either way. Ensure you review the papers on how policy is crafted and examples of policy position papers. Keep in mind this is a persuasive paper, you are seeking to influence political decision makers