In 250 to 300 words, address the following points:

topic: harassment in the military will provide supporting docs if needed  due: 11Aug at 12pm est  

  • Describe your strategy for listening to, and really understanding, the feedback you receive.
    • Perhaps this involves looking more closely at the variety of feedback you already receive or proactively reaching out for feedback from different sources.
  • Explain any steps you may take to get better at receiving feedback.
    • Think about the six steps mentioned in the article, and how you can apply these insights.
  • Discuss the different types of feedback you have received in this course.
    • You might identify particular assignments or activities you have gotten feedback on, or the various locations you have pulled feedback from. Has it been helpful? Has it aligned with your own vision of your skills and abilities?
  • Consider at least two specific comments you have received as feedback.
    • What are the underlying concerns of the suggested edits? Look beyond the specific instance and attempt to generalize. For example, a comma mistake might indicate a need to pay attention to details.