Write a REPORT with a word count of 4,000 words

Write a REPORT with a word count of 4,000 words (excluding
list of references and any appendices).
The Brief
Awareness of sustainability issues is growing among businesses, customers,
communities and legislators. As a result, sustainability has become
increasingly important for many companies in recent years, forcing changes to
logistics and operations. New policies, new business models, technologies
and investments have been the result.
How have logistics and operations management changed? In your report you
are required to answer All three sections, A, B and C. You are expected to
use company examples to support your report. These companies could be
manufacturing, retail or services.
A) Identify only ONE particular sustainability issue (examples from
such as Procurement, Transportation, Circular Economy, etc.
B) Discuss the process of adaptation as companies alter their strategies in
response to sustainability concerns. Use at least THREE of these topics, themes like sustainable
warehousing, circular economy, green product design, responsible procurement, etc. Your report must
the potential costs and benefits of adaptation while pursuing their
Logistics and Operations strategies.
C) Using any TWO examples of the United Nations Sustainability
Development Goals, critically discuss how companies are adopting these
goals in support of their management practices whilst caring out logistics
operations. For critical argument, ALL selected SDGs, must be mapped
against at least One for each of the family
Myve the UN’s Blueprint for business
leadership guiding questions found here:
Sources and References
It is important for you to conduct a comprehensive literature review of your
chosen topics and industry. You should include sources such as peerreviewed academic articles, academic texts, news articles, industry case
studies and reputable web resources. The literature should be used to support
your statements.
Additional guidance:
A good report will be well formatted and presented using an academic style of
English. Please do not simply describe changes that have taken place, but
provide some insights into the possible thinking behind, and justification of,
changing strategies, processes, roles and responsibilities.