1. For this discussion, complete the following prompts.
    1. Describe the similarities and the differences in between the scholarly article and the consulting report, especially as related to the way analysis was conducted and how the analysis was presented in written and visual form.
    2. Identify how many of the five writing styles were included in the article and the consulting report: (1) narrative, (2) analytical, (3) expository, (4) persuasive, and (5) argumentative.
    3. Describe a different way the analysis could have been conducted and presented in the scholarly report.
    4. For the Applied Doctoral Project, you are to bridge the academic and practitioner worlds through a consulting report.
      1. Explain what that means.
      2. As an attachment to the initial post, craft a writing example that is at least two paragraphs and with inclusion of one graphic (I.e., an infographic, table, chart, figure, etc.) of what that form of writing might look like.
  2. Use Grammarly to edit your discussion post and classmate response before submitting.
  3. Use APA formatting for all citations and references.