Comparative Research paper on 2 ed systems

External editor, I have given up. I need to make this paper better, my professor will not accept it.

Objective:  Complete an examination of inequity found in an identified education system. This system can be a k-12 structure, higher education, non-profit community education, corporate education or any other form of teaching and learning.

Process:  Explore existing literature and research that focuses on some form of inequity found in an identified educational or learning system. This inequity can include issues related to socio-economic levels, race, ethnicity, religion, age, physical limitations, cognitive limitations or any other difference that may have an impact on equity in the identified learning environment.

Focus Areas:  The examination will explore existing research regarding an issue of equity found in a learning environment. Included in this examination includes a focus on this historical development, the origin of the issue, and the impact of the identified form of inequity on society, the individual, and/or the educational system.

Structure: While there is no page minimum or maximum for this project, most submissions are between eight and twelve pages in length. Please follow APA formatting. The use and documentation of academic sources is both expected and required.