Course Code: SOCL101

Course Name: Psychological Principles and Lifelong Learning Skills (Summer 2024)
Assessment 2 (10 Marks)
K1 Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of psychological principles and the
basic concepts of lifelong learning
S2 Apply an array of skills necessary for success in modern life, like critical and creative thinking
skills, communication skills, stress and time management, and information seeking skills
AR1 Demonstrate autonomy, self-efficacy, and responsibility through independent and group
SD1 Devise strategies for personal development and life management that support educational
and professional goals
Choose one of the following topics to write about. Please read the general instructions and follow the
guidelines in the detailed description and guideline section:
1. The influence of culture on learning in the UAE.
2. Work-life balance and individual’s well-being.
3. Personal Learning Journey
4. The Influence of Social Media on Self-Perception
5. Understanding group dynamics in group project
6. Attribution and Workplace Conflict
7. Communication Breakdown in Cross-Cultural Collaboration
8. Developing Effective Communication Skills in a Workplace
9. Motivation and Goal Setting: Strategies for Achieving Personal and Academic Success
10. Parenting Challenges in the Digital Age
First: General Instructions:
Assessment Title Assignment
Assessment Type Individual written assignment
Submission Deadline
Link to Course Learning
K1, S2, AR1,SD1
Total Marks 10
Assessment Weight 10%
General Objective and
This assignment aims to demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge
and understanding of psychological principles, lifelong learning
concepts, and their application in managing real-life situations. It will
also enable you to demonstrate the ability to compile a coherent body
of knowledge from a range of sources.
•There is a clear description and rubrics guide guiding the learner to
do the assignment.
•The Feedback will be provided to the learners after one week of the
Details and Guidelines
for Completion
• In the rubrics for the assignment, you can see how the marks are
distributed according to the required skills.
• A reference list in APA style must be provided. The report must also
include proper in-text citations of the used resources, as per the
APA style.
• Marks and feedback will be accessible to the learners one week after
the deadline.
• Delayed submission will result in marks deduction as shown in the
• High similarity (> 20%) will be scrutinized and can lead to deduction
of marks; if similarity exceeds 70% the assignment must be
rewritten, and marks will be deducted.
No submission will result (0 out of 10)
Second: Detailed Description of the report & Guidelines for Completion:
Format Use APA citation style for referencing.
World Length The assignment should be 800-1000 words in length.
Guidelines for
Completion of the
Choose the topic that you are interested to write about from the topics
suggested by your teacher (in page 1).
Your report should include the following:
Cover page: The cover page contains the title of paper, learner’s name, ID,
Instructor’s name, name of the institution and Date of submission.
Table of Contents: Page includes headings, subheadings, and their
corresponding page numbers.
Introduction: (Your introduction should include the following):
Demonstrate critical thinking and a comprehensive understanding of the
• Briefly introduce the importance of psychological principles and
lifelong learning in understanding and addressing real-life situations.
• Introduce the importance of the topic properly,
• Critically summarizes the thoughts, and what will be covered
throughout the document.
An Overview of a case:
• Provide an overview of a related case, scenario, or example from your
daily life or experience. (names are anonymous)
Psychological Principles:
• Identify and explain psychological principles that are relevant to the
case study.
• Apply psychological theories to analyze and interpret the presented
Lifelong Learning:
• Discuss the significance of lifelong learning in personal and
professional development.
• Identify and explain three lifelong learning strategies that could be
applied to address challenges presented in the case study.
• Justify the selection of these strategies based on psychological
principles and theories.
• Discuss potential challenges and limitations of the proposed
Provide 1-2 paragraphs reflection on how the application of the related
psychological principles and lifelong learning strategies might contribute to
your personal growth.
Conclusion: Your conclusion should include the following:
• A summary of the key points discussed in the assignment.
• Emphasizing the importance of integrating psychological principles
and lifelong learning in managing real-life situations.
List all resources you used in this report including books and websites using
APA s tyle. This assessment requires at least 6 resources.
Remember the following:
o Read the assessment description and guidelines carefully.
o Read the rubric to know how your paper is going to be marked.
o The submission deadline.
o If you use an idea or evidence from another source, you must credit
that source using an in-text citation. An in-text citation in APA usually
includes the author’s surname, the year of publication, and often a
page number.
o You should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of what
has been discussed in the course so far in relation to psychological
principles and lifelong learning.
o Example of APA style in-text citation:
(Gold, 2019) or According to Gold (2019) …
For more information about APA style, please visit
Third: Rubrics for the Assessment 2:
Criteria Excellent Good Poor
(max. 2 point)
A well-developed introduction,
completely focused on the topic,
introduces the importance of
the topic properly, critically
summarizes the thoughts, and
what will be covered throughout
the document.
(2 points)
Focused on the topic, but
without clear introduction
about the importance of the
topic and thoughts, without or
partially mention of what will be
covered throughout the
(1 point)
The topic is not properly
introduced and does not have a
clear idea about the topic and
its importance. without mention
of what will be covered
throughout the document
(0 point)
(max. 10 points)
Deep and thorough discussion of
the topic answering the
problem/questions and providing
clear and organized information,
covering all its aspects. critically
express the opinion and support
arguments with evidence.
(4-5 points)
Clear description of the topic
with logical and appropriate
organization, covering most of
its aspects. Express the opinion
with less evidence.
(3-2 points)
The main information is
missing, and the writer doesn’t
provide discussion of own view
and doesn’t support his
argument with evidence.
(1 points)
Sources 6 or more current resources are
used to support the arguments
and discussion.
In-text citation is well written
using APA referencing style.
The references page is well
organized using APA referencing
(1.5 points)
Less than 6 current resources
are used and not all of them
support the discussion and the
writer’s arguments. Few in-text
citations are not available or
written in a desired format.
(1 point)
Sources are not accurately
documented, and APA format is
not attempted or followed
The reference page is not
included in the paper.
(0 point)
Language &
(max. 2 point)
It is well written with very few
spelling and grammar errors.
Similarity percent is 0% – 20%
(1.5 point)
It is well written with minimal
errors. It is submitted on time.
Similar percentage is between
21% and 40%.
(1 point)
• It is not well written and
contains too many spelling
and grammar errors.
similarity percent by Turnitin
is >40% (but <70%)
(0 point)

Assessment 2- out of 10 (individual report)