Econ 335-Research Paper Spring 2024

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ECON 335 International Economy


Instructor: Professor Nyema Guannu


Writing Assignment


Deadline: May 8, 2024


ECON 335 fulfills the general education requirement in Explorations in Social Sciences. The writing assignment is designed to give you practice in applying economic concepts to real world issues as well as to hone your argumentative and writing skills.




It accounts for 15% of the course grade. Your assignment will be graded according to the following criteria:


Content: demonstrate clear understanding of the material and correctly apply relevant


economic concepts and theories to the issue(s) in question.


Analysis: present an in-depth economic analysis; thoughts and arguments are developed


precisely and logically.


Writing: clear and concise meaning, good transitions, free of spelling and grammatical


errors, and correct formatting and citations.




Read the article, “The Economic Losers in the New World Order,” by E. Ballard, J. Douglas, and J. Emont, the Wall Street Journal, August 14, 2023.


The article is available from Canvas course websiteAssignmentsWriting Assignment.


Write a report in your own words to answer the assignment questions on page 2.


Do not merely copy the words or directly quote the sentences in the articles or line up unrelated answers to the assignment questions. You may use as references the article, your textbook, and your class notes. Please include your references using APA format at the end of your report if you cite the article above and/or the textbook. For guidance of APA format, see


This is an individual assignment. Do not discuss with any other students about the writing assignment. If you have questions regarding the writing assignment, please ask the instructor. Plagiarism will result in zero and will be reported to the Student Conduct Office.




The report should be 1250 words maximum that is five pages (not including cover page, references, tables, or graphs), double line-spaced, with at least three works cited/outside sources Times New Roman, 12-point font. Cover page, references, tables, and graphs are not counted into the word or page limit. The report needs to be typewritten using Microsoft Word. No handwritten papers will be accepted.




Submit an electronic copy (Microsoft Word file or PDF file) via Canvas course websiteAssignmentsWriting Assignment Online Submission by the deadline.


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Assignment Questions


Please refer to the assigned article and apply what you have learned in Econ 335 to answer the following questions.


1. Countries apply different types of trade restrictions (e.g., domestic content requirement, subsidies, and the Inflation Reduction Act, etc.) to promote domestic industries. Please identify different types of trade restrictions mentioned in the article and analyze their effects on domestic producers, consumers, and national welfare. Are there different rationales on why developing and developed economies impose/apply these different types of trade restrictions? Please also compare their effects with those from tariffs that you have learned in Econ 335.


2. What has impeded Indonesia and the U.K. (after Brexit) to take advantage of U.S. industrial policies mentioned in the article? What, if any, are the differences between Indonesia versus the U.K. (after Brexit)? How have trade blocs (e.g., North America Free Trade Area or NAFTA, the European Union, etc.), for better or worse, played a role in the recent shift in global trade since 2020?


3. What is the recent trend of foreign direct investment (FDI)? What are the pros and cons of FDI? Does the types of FDI differ across developed and developing economies (e.g., gold mining versus car manufacturing plants)? What are the impacts of FDI on the economic growth of less developed economies versus advanced countries mentioned in the article? Which groups (within both the host and sending country) are the typically the winners and losers? Please justify your discussion/analysis by referring to the data and evidence in the article and what you have learned in Econ 335.


Note: Please include your full name, CWID, and your class section# on the top right of the first page or a cover page in your report.


Please do NOT copy the questions in your report because it will result in similarity problem.


Please start with “Introduction” to briefly tell what the article is about, then answer the assigned questions in order (with Question # as a section heading), and lastly end with “Conclusion” to briefly summarize what you have learned from this assignment. Your report should be organized as follows:




Question 1


Question 2


Question 3






Econ 335-Research Paper


Spring 2024


Questions to consider as you write:


Brainstorming: During your planning process, you might consider some of the following questions:


1. What major points do I have to support my position?


2. What points may I anticipate from the opposition?


3. What examples, illustrations, and details can I provide to develop my thesis?


4. What rhetorical strategy may I use to state my position effectively?


5. How may I use the appeals to develop my position?


6. Are there figures of speech or other strategies that I may use to get and keep the interest of


my audience?


Research Paper Guidelines:


*At least 5 pages, including an APA formatted Works Cited page


*Paper must be at least 1250 words, double-spaced, with at least 3 Works cited/outside sources


*Times New Roman, 12-point font 1-inch margins and double-spaced


Please see Purdue OWL regarding APA citation method.


Deadline: Wednesday, May 8th.


Please upload a copy of your paper to Canvas on or before 11:59pm on Wed., May 8th.


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