Faith Integration Paper Assignment

Faith Integration Paper Assignment Instructions


The paper will be 1,000-1,500 words in length (approx. 4–6 pages), with at least 4 high quality peer-reviewed sources. The abstract should be 125-175 words.


The abstract word count will not be included in the total word count for the assignment. At least one (1) peer-reviewed journal article must be included and must be published within the past 5 years. At least one (1) Biblical source must be cited and referenced. You can always provide more sources but the four (4) listed sources above are required.



Answer the question being posed as a Christian leader with critical reflection of the topic, supported by in-text citations and examples. Each of these papers is focused on the development of students as Christian leaders in organizations. An objective of these papers is to provide students with integration of theory and concepts presented in the course in terms of application of faith-based principles.


Faith Integration Paper: Wisdom in Business Analytics – As a Christian leader is it important to gain wisdom related to business analytics?


Faith Integration Paper Assignment Instructions