Final Research Paper Assignment Instructions


This is a standard research paper like you will find in future courses.

You will compile relevant information from previous HIST 501 assignments into an 8–12-page final research paper related to the scholarship of your chosen research topic.  You need not include everything from previous assignments.

Note this paper is not very long. The goal is for you to practice the skills you learned during this course and to exhibit an understanding of the knowledge you have gained of the discipline and historical philosophy.



Your paper must include the following:

  1. A clear thesis that answers a historically significant question. You are now to answer the questions you and your instructor raised about your topic.
  2. Be based on primary sources with significant support from secondary, scholarly interpretations. You will mainly use primary sources and a slightly smaller number of secondary sources. The sources must be a good mix of evidence, and the secondary sources must be drawn from both books and articles. A minimum of 20 sources must be used. Half must be primary sources.
  3. A strong narrative that marshals the evidence in a systematic manner to support the thesis.
  4. Significant engagement with professional interpretations of the background or specific topic you researched. This means you explain where some of your secondary source historians are coming from in terms of the schools of interpretation covered in the historiography assignment. You may also use the lengthy historiographical footnote if applicable.
  5. Grammatically correct with current Turabian citations for all sources. You must use footnotes with Turabian footnote citation style within the paper. Then, you must use the bibliographic format you practiced in this course for the final bibliography.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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