Literature Review on Impact of Open Innovation on Corporate Entrepreneurship

Finish my 4500-5000 word Literature review on the Impact of open innovation on Corporate Entrepreneurship. APA 7 sourcing with page number(to each sentence). I’ve already written Chapter 1 and the Outline of the paper.

Crucial: NO AI detection & master level.  Meaning it has to be analytical.

4 sources must be used at least once :
B.R. & Bluedorn, A.C. (1999). The relationship between corporate
entrepreneurship and strategic management. Strategic Management
Journal, 20, 421-444.
J.G. & Miles, M.P. (1999). Corporate entrepreneurship and the pursuit of
competitive advantage. Entrepreneurship, Theory & Practice, 23(3),
Floyd, S.W.
& Lane, P.J. (2000). Strategizing throughout the organization. Managing
role conflict in strategic renewal. Academy of Management Review, 25(1),
S.A. (1996). Governance, ownership, and corporate entrepreneurship. The
moderating impact of industry technological opportunities. Academy of
Management Journal, 39(6), 1713-1735.


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