procurement work

1) Search online for any product of your choice.

2) Select 3 different suppliers of the same type of product and give details of

specifications in Excel file Tab – Product Details. Make an initial decision on which

you think may be the best option.

3) Create two scoring systems – One for Criteria Importance and one for Product

Criteria Scoring

4) Decide which of the listed criteria are most important / least important for your

chosen product.

5) Compare 3 different products that all suit the same specifications in terms of meeting

Specifications, Cost, Lead Time, Quality and Vendor reputation.

6) Perform weighted scoring on each product using your two justified scoring systems.

7) Select the most suitable product based on the weighted scoring analysis performed.

Is the highest scoring product the one you initially decided on?

8) Print screen the specifications of the selected product and paste into Excel file TAB –

Chosen Product Specs.

9) Fill out Purchase Requisition in Excel file TAB – Purchase Requisition.

10) On completion of the above tasks, create an academic document consisting of,

Cover page, table of contents and discuss your decision making, your findings and

your conclusion. Export to Pdf and submit both files to Moodle assignment upload


2024 Procurement Excel worksheet