Professional Teams and Leadership


This assessment for the Understanding Professional Teams and Leadership module is a 2000 word essay with the following remit:

Part 1

Critically evaluate two leadership theories, and how they can influence patient/service user safety

Part 2

Critically evaluate how your chosen leadership theories in part 1 can impact either professional culture, or professional identity or human factors, and subsequently the efficacy of the interprofessional team.

Essay Guidance

Your essay should be structured in the following way:

Introduction (10%): giving brief overview of essay, importance of IP team working and patient/service user safety (approximately 200 words)

Identification of key concepts and theories (10%): identify, define, and describe chosen leadership theories and professional culture/identity/human factors (approximately 200 words)

Critical discussion (70%): of theories and concepts linked to patient/service user safety and efficacy of Interprofessional teams (approximately 1400 words, 800:600 split between leadership and culture/identity/human factors)

Conclusion (10%): concise summary of essay with any conclusions drawn from critical discussion (approximately 200 words)

The Learning outcomes (3 and 4) are:

  • Critically evaluate the roles of leadership in inter-professional teams to ensure patient/service user safety
  • Critically evaluate the influence of professional cultures on effective interprofessional team working

Your essay should be no more that 10% of the allocated word count, therefore an absolute maximum of 2200 word. To go over this maximum will result in a deduction of marks.




UPTL Essay Remit 2023-24