project charter and project plan task

Dan and Carrie are both accountants. They have just purchased a new-build house from a construction company. The house comes with a large rear garden. Currently the garden is totally underdeveloped, resembling a building site. The Garden is 60m x 25m and needs to be safe for their three young children to play in. Carrie is keen on health and safety and desires plenty of safety features in the garden such as high fences all the way around, a large, grassed area, a shed (with locks) for the tools, and a screened children’s play area for the play equipment. For safety, there is to be no fishpond. Dan is an outdoor type and likes to entertain in the garden and is therefore looking for a patio and barbecue with good evening lighting. The lights could also double as a security feature. The pair are not gardeners. However, they enjoy their garden in full bloom, so a maintenance manual would be essential. It would also be useful to have an external lawnmower socket, and a hose point (tap) for watering the flowers and grassed area. The family have no garden tools, so the shed needs to be stocked with the right tools. When they bought the property, they were told that there were no tree preservation orders. There is a 1.5 m pathway along the side of the property for access. The house is now finished; however, the garden is in a complete mess with building rubble that will need to be disposed of. What there is of the garden is overgrown with weeds with little useful existing material. The soil is of an extremely poor quality. Carrie has planned a family holiday so the contract must be signed before they leave for vacation. Worrying about neighbour relations, Carrie plans to consult with them on the final design plans before she travels. They are on vacation for 10 days. The couple have plans for a party a few weeks after they return. Therefore, the total time allowed is 40 days. They have allocated a budget of €25,000 for garden. The couple are awaiting the final design from the landscape gardener. You have been asked to manage a project to design and landscape the rear garden area. From your initial investigations and discussions with the customer, derive a Project Charter. Then, using your Charter findings, you will prepare a Project Plan to include: – Scope Baseline (WBS) – Cost Baseline (Budget) – Time Baseline (Gantt Chart) – Risk Register – Responsibility (RACI) matrix – Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix – Communications Management Matrix


240305 CA cost template Additional information for CA budget (dragged)