Psyc1002 Research Assignment

Cognitive psychology to produce a detailed, advanced level report. The main focus should be on the cognitive underpinnings of political attitudes. – relationships between cognitive processing including Need for Cognition, Inherence Heuristic, Cognitive Load and political ideology including Political Attitudes, Conservative and Liberal Ideologies. I have put two starter refernces we must put in this report, but also you must find four to five references to include in this essay. Those are the report that canbe usuful: – Not All Ideologies are Created Equal: Epistemic, Existential, and Relational Needs Predict System Justifying Attitudes – Motivated Closed-Mindedness Mediates the Effect of Threat on Political Conservatism H. Thórisdóttir, J. Jost – The Politics of Fear: Is There an Ideological Asymmetry in Existential Motivation? J. Jost, Chadly Stern, Nicholas O. Rule, Joanna Sterling An attempt to clarify the link between cognitive style and political ideology: A non-western replication and extension Onurcan Yilmaz, S. A. Saribay Reflective liberals and intuitive conservatives: A look at the Cognitive Reflection Test and ideology Kristen D. Deppe+ 5 authorsJohn R. Hibbing 2015, Judgment and Decision Making


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