Psychology Research Proposal

I need help with a psychology quantitative research proposal and the ethics form. I will provide the template and details about the topic.

Video Brief


1. Psychology Research Proposal – 1500 (+/- 10%)
Deadline – 24 hours from now – Need it by the 26th – 5 pm Timezone (GMT+5:30)
– G – Power sample size
– SPSS Statistical Proposal
– Include references for the literature review
– Limitations
+ Other sections in the template

2. Ethics
Deadline – 29th April 2024
The template is attached in the folder.

3. Screen share explainer video
For the SPSS and other statistical parts, Record a video and explain the logic and how you did it.
Including G Power and all the other parts.

Explain why we are doing this, why we chose this specific approach, and how to do it step by step.
You can try Loom or Komodo Decks, a free screen recording tool to record the video.

If you do this project well, there is a chance I may hire you for the final assignment too.

** See attached document for the shared folder link for the topic details and more
Max budget is $30, please don’t apply if you are unable to do it within the budget.
This is not the final research, just the proposal.



See Brief Video Here


See Drive Folder Here



Ethics Application Form

Research Proposal Template