MBA 002

  1. Assessment format:Assigement

1.1 Instructions in details for the assignments(US Grammar needed + Plagiarism Check Needed)

1.2 Instructions about diagram / tables / excel and other tools (if applicable)

Please write the number correctly in the excel attached file.

2.( Subject  )Topic:

Accounting for Managers

  1. Length: (Words limit)

Powerpoint 15-20

4.Due date: (How many hours left from now) and What time exactly in the assigned area time(Boston Time)?

480H Wed(06/20) 13:00 AM(Boston time)

5.Assessment description and instructions:

6.Required resource :

Check file attachments

7.Reference style: excel, PowerPoint

8.Assessment Criteria :

  1. etc

Pay attention to grammar and syntax.

  1. attachments (please attach all related documents including outlines and lectures)










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