Public Health Research Paper Analysis

Research Methods, including biostatistics and epidemiology Scenario One Scenario: You have been asked to evaluate an obesity program being implemented in 5 health community clinics in Chula Vista, CA. Another 5 clinics in Poway,CA were chosen by the evaluator for comparison. The program has not yet started. They would like you to evaluate whether the intervention was implemented as intended. You will evaluate the behavioral changes stemming from the 12-week program for 30 people at each clinic at 3 follow-up time points.

They shared with you that they intervened in steps, which involved preparation, action, and maintenance around exercise. They encouraged community members to walk/run 3 days a week and eventually make it a life-long habit.

The main outcome was minutes of walking/running per week.

Participants were asked: “How many minutes did you walk or run in the last 7 days? ______” Computer-based programming and software : Use SPSS Instructions: You have 4 pages (minimum) to describe the planning, implementation, and evaluation of this study. Be sure to include and describe, in detail, the 4 areas below: Theoretical foundation for this study.

Please outline the constructs and its application to this scenario. Describe the research design, in detail, including other methods that you would use to implement the study (e.g., recruitment strategy, program planning tools, etc.). Describe an evaluation plan, including process evaluation. Develop an evaluation tool (types of survey questions) that would be appropriate for this scenario, given the main outcome. You should include other variables of interest and a data analysis plan. State the variable types and specific analyses needed. Using the data provided (see attachment) , create a tables: Table 1 – demographics based on comparison groups, Table 2 – outcome table other associated variables with comparison groups, and Table 3 Analysis – multivariate analysis of your choice and written interpretation of the analysis. Section 2 – Scenario Two Scenario: Based on scenario 1 in this section, you have been asked to detail the epidemiological background of the outcomes of interest, obesity and physical. Instructions: You have 2 pages (minimum) to write an epidemiological report on obesity. Be sure to include and describe, in detail, the 4 areas below: Past and current trends of obesity in the U.S. Describe any health equity issues. Apply epidemiological methods to the breadth of settings and situations in public health practice Hint: Look up articles to see what’s going on, form a hypothesis, (collect – use given data) and analyze data, describe what methods one would use based on the data once collected and analyzed.



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