U.S. Sanctions & Export Controls Summary

Write a Sanctions Summary, which consists of the following parts including:

1. High Level Overview
2. Recent Updated (the three most recent updates about this particular sanctions program)
3. Sanctions Measures (all prohibitions under that OFAC Sanctions Program, including links to regulations, and other resources)
4. Export Controls (measures under the EAR and ITAR specifically for that target)
5. Sanctions Background (Legal basis etc, Reason, Scope)
6. Export Controls Background (Legal basis etc, Reason, Scope)
7. Sanctions Resources (Useful links)
8. Export Controls Resources (Useful links)
9. FAQs (all Frequently Asked Questions found online on this particular sanctions program)
9. Relevant Legislation (including all E.O. related to the OFAC program, all Federal Register Notices, Final Rules, Executive Documents by the President, License Publications, and Designations)


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