Case Study on Sohar International Bank – Digital Banking Journey

Case Study on Sohar International Bank – Digital Banking Journey

The objective of this assignment is to enhance enclosed case study with as much as possible supporting facts and figures about the “digital banking journey“ of Sohar International Bank, Oman, Muscat

Showcase (calculated) benefits in years 2023 of the project based on annual reports. Look at the balance sheet and P&L from 2018 onwards.

Information that should be included are

Project profile

Year when project started
– Approach (e.g. Big Bang, Phased)
– Description
– Scope (retail, payments, credit, mortgage, corporate, …)
– Planned budget
– Planned duration (in month)
– Planned benefits
–  Actual budget
– Actual duration
– Actual benefits

Companies / partners / vendors involved

– Vendor
– Product
– Consultancy

– Key people

Bank profile

– Name of the bank
– Domains (Retail, SME, Corporate, Investment, Wealth, Transaction)
– Country / countries

Number of Customers
Number of  Branches
Number Distribution / Sales Partners
Balance sheet size
Market Capitalization
Capital adequacy
Credit volume
Deposit volume
Number of Payment transactions
Number of Employees

Based of

– Annual reports
– News articles / case studies / …
– Ad hoc reports

Please also provide the respective links and PDF you used

Enclosed all relevant annual reports


Please use enclosed xls template to collect all data between …2013 and 2023

I can provide a link to all annual reports 2013 to 2023

I am looking for 5 to 6 pages of DinA4 text as the final case study



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