Literature review writing Assignment

Topic Selection: Topic of the paper is clearly defined. Research focus has been narrowed by specific criteria. The state-of-the-art may be clearly given within the papers length.


Coverage/Content: All relevant papers are reviewed. The articles reviews are clearly inter-related and build upon each other to show how we have progressed to the current state-of-the-art. Includes a well-described culinary context and justification.


Background/Foundation: Detailed conclusion is reached from the evidence offered.


Research Question: Research question(s) are formed through the literature review and clearly stated.


Synthesis/Summary: Summaries and shows insightful synthesis of literature information, including analysis go gaps in and/or limitations of the research.


Articles: Information is gathered from multiple, research based sources.


Organization: Well organized demonstrates logical sequencing and structure.


Format: Font, spacing and APA format are correct.


Grammar: There are no grammatical errors.






Metabolic Profiling of White The Effect of Fermentation on the Physicochemical Characteristics of Dry-Salted Vegetables Lactic_acid_bacteria_populatio Flavour Generation during Effect of herb Effects of Sodium Literature Review Guidelines Annotated Bibliography Daikon Radish